Maatschap Van Wijk

Master Grower Maatschap Van Wijk

Gabri: “My wife Sandra and I wanted to set up our own business. This was really hard to do in dairy farming, which is what we were originally doing. So we started looking at horticulture. In 1992 we found a horticulture company of 7,500 m2 which was full of chrysanthemums. We bought the place and since then have been growing chrysanthemums.”

After 5 years we expanded to 12,000 m2 and started using assimilation lighting. We grew our chrysanthemums here for 10 years. Then we did some rebuilding and in 2007 expanded again to 24,000 m2. This nursery meets all the standards to grow top quality chrysanthemums. We firmly believe that whatever we do, we do it well!”

Sandra: “We started growing the disbudded Radost chrysanthemum in 2019. Its unusual shape really makes it stand out. Apart from the white variety, we also grow the Radost Cream. This variety is highly desired in East Europe. Joining VannoVa’s Master Growers has helped us serve these customers better.

Gabri is responsible for the growing. I do the final check at the packing stage. It looks like our two sons have also been infected with the chrysanthemum virus as they both work with chrysanthemums too.”


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Sandra van Wijk

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