Master Grower Guus van Leeuwen

Guus: “I come from a real horticultural family. We have grown chrysanthemums since 1969. I was born – virtually among the chrysanthemums – in 1973. After completing my education I started working in my parents’ company and took it over after a few years. The company does everything it needs to do to grow the prettiest chrysanthemums year round. I enjoy growing these beautiful flowers.

We have grown Baltica Yellow and Cream since 2009. When I first saw Baltica growing in 2008, I fell in love with the breed. And I still say to this day that I have never seen a lovelier chrysanthemum. Our customers, especially in East Europe, agree.

I intend to continue growing the prettiest chrysanthemums sustainably. I was the first chrysanthemum grower in the Netherlands to use geothermal heating. Eight other horticultural companies in the area and I invested in a geothermal unit which taps the underground heat at 2,400 m deep where the heat is 85 degrees Celsius . We use it to heat 50 hectares of greenhouses with vegetables, flowers and plants.

We use the CO2 that the Shell refinery in Pernis releases and collect any water that it drains. We disinfect it and reuse it. We grow as much as we can organically, using natural pesticides and crop protection methods.”


VBN: 117977


Guus van Leeuwen

M 06-21610412
T 0174-296878

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Hooghe Beer 13
2295 MZ Kwintsheul

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Hooghe Beer 13
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